How To Get Revenge Against Clever Policemen

Hi guys!

Its raining today, for the first time in months. I kind of like it.
I'm sitting on my bed eating green beans and planning a Coffee Evening and a Movie Night that's going to take place at Nordica. That's my Friday. Its not a strange Friday, its a normal Friday.
Going for a luxury Drum Workshop with professional drum players tomorrow.
Here comes random weekday pics from some other normal China days.
 A happy poodle in a backpack of an old lady.

Fast food.
Hamburgers and French fries?
No; Fried bread and candied beans on a stick.

My  B O I L E D  carrots.
o o p s
Charming black men drumming on the side walk.
Me, Ellen's brothers super cool cap and my super cool friend Ayongga.

 Sat down to get my shoes polished of a cute lady with a toothbrush . . .
and this whats happening when Olivia sits still on a public place.
The clever policemen took their chance to take pics of me while I couldn't go away.
. . . so I revenged by taking pics of them ofcourse.



Christmas Holiday

Lovely, lovely holiday!
Ive enjoyed every second of these lovely free days. Tomorrow is my LAST day on this Christmas Holiday. . . so now you all wonder what Ive been doing these lovely free days? Oh, well all of these lovely free days have been quite similar; they all began, a bit later than usual of course, with coffee and finished with dance lessons at Dangsters. Eveeerydaaay but not yesterday! We finally did our Biking Trip in the Mountains yesterday; me, Linnea, John and Adam. It was great weather and the view from the mountains was absolutely amazing! I got to say that I'm in love with the feeling of biking down the hills with my bike. That super speed I got mixed with the fresh air mixed with the amazing view was awesome. I did figure out that I prefer to walk rather than to bike thou because of two things; 1. It goes sooo slow biking UP on a hill. 2. My but hurts so freaking bad today.
Anyway I had a great day! Thank you guys! Here is some pics.

. . . and BTW, sorry for bad spelling and stuff... my Internet is totally gone from my computer so I gotta do all the posts from my phone and that's not as easy as it is on the computer. I promise to take away the Christmas feelings from my blog as fast as I can.


Anyway Learned How To Nail Nails Yesterday

Its the first Friday of 2013

Anyway I went up early, drank a big cup of coffee, packed lunch and fruits and felt totally ready for a whole day of biking with my friends. That was the big plan for today, but since we are in China the plans change very quick. We are hiking tomorrow instead. Soo, what to do with all this energy, motivation and packed lunch? Hmm..?

Anyway I was at Dangsters for two dancing lessons yesterday. I haven't been there for more that two weeks. Gosh Ive missed it so much. Going back there tonight for sure. There are seven hours until my first dance lesson starts thou. Soo, what to do with all these hours? Hmm..?

Anyway I took some random pics too my sister some weeks ago. She wanted to see random things from a random day down town. Soo, what to do with these random pics? Well, Ill show some them to you of course.




Golden Pants and Kind Of SkagenröraToast

We began our New Years Eve being waitresses @ TCG Nordica
 Filip Johanna Louise Ellen Linnea Olivia Cornelia... and John?

One of the delicious Four Course New Year Dinner dishes we served.
We got a taste of it too and my favourite of these four is definitelly number two; 
A kind of "Skakenröra-toast"

Nordicas Fantastic Dancers did such a great Contemporary performance. 
Nearly to good; I was so tuched that I forgot both to record and take photos. 
Got this one from Luo Fei.

Our Little Band performed the songs; "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Firework". 
He he. It didnt went out as good as we had hoped for, but anyway...
Check out my awesome Golden Pants people!

I got the honor inaugurating 2013 with teaching everyone the Gangnamstyle.
Couldn't possibly have a better start of this year.

 We went to some of the Party Streets after work and spent the night celebrating with thousands of other people... while none of you Swedish guys at home even had began your Count Down. Gosh..!
Party Girls in the middle of a Craaazy Night
Dance, dance, dance..!

And thats my New Year!
... got home late, Im still tired. Gonna write more while all my energy has returned. 
You may find me at Starbucks every day for the rest of this week.
 Hope you all are prepared for this exiting year. I think am. So bye bye 2012 and

Very Welcome 


I Was Certainly Not A Bad Girl This Year

Just got Christmas Presents! There might be the best presents ever, arrived in the best time ever! I even got homemade Christmas candy! Ive never felt so happy about candy before. Im gonna do like they do in the movies; Im gonna stay up all night eating it all by my self watching cute boys on some romantic movies... and tomorrow Im going to write down my New Year promises... and next year Im going to be the healthyest girl ever lived. What a plan!!

Oh, I actually wanted my classmates to have a taste of the famous; You-Cant-Stop-Eat-While-You-Have-Started-Fudge... but thats allready too late ofcourse. Im sorry guys, but hopefully youll understand why..!


OMG There Is Just Three Days Left Of 2012

I'm eating a Lucia bun.
Here comes some more pictures from my Christmas to my mum, and everyone else;
Grandpa John and Grandma Johanna with their Christmas presents.
(Johanna got the beautiful Glitter- Hat)

Drunk Father Filip, my brother, are welcoming his old father John.
. . . are you following the relationship in our strange little family?

Our joyful mother Cornelia started our Christmas performance by singing;
"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas" while John played piano.

 I forgot to mention yesterday; there were lovely strawberries on the Christmas buffet at Nordica.
That was not my favourite thou.
My favourite was the meatballs and the bread. . . together. . .  that's a meatball sandwich!
I Love Meatball Sandwiches!
"Have yourself a Merry little Christmas Everyone"
Waiting for the show to start . . .
The first floor of the The Three Self Church
. . .
So, what am I up to these sunny days before New Year?
Well, I am preparing pictures and stories for our Reflection & Portfolio Presentation that is at Nordica tomorrow.
I am trying to learn the lyrics to the songs Im going to perform on New Year together with John, Ellen, Linnea and our Chinese friend Adam.
I'm feeling super grateful having the great opportunity being here in China with my dear classmates.
I'm preparing for the Gangnam Style dance lesson that I'm going to have at New Year.
I'm longing for my Swedish friends, not sure why I do that these days . . .  but I do.
That's my life nowadays.
Take Care and Be Chill
Lot of Love

Merry Christmas Everyone

It is Christmas until New Year so I’m not too late, right? Hope you all had a great Christmas Eve. My Christmas was like none else. I'm still not sure if it has been Christmas seven times this year, or has it been Christmas at all? My calender says that its the 27th today, so it must have been Christmas at least one time. Anyway here comes a quick summary about my last days; We have done two performances at Nordica about how we are celebrating Christmas in Sweden. We were singing, dancing and acting. I think there were around 300 persons in the audience. We also sang some songs in the huge Three Self Church on Christmas Eve in front of 3000 persons. We had a movie night at Newman’s the day before Christmas. We had games and lunch at Newman’s at the Christmas morning and we ate a fabulous Christmas Buffet at Nordica on the Christmas day. Yeah, well that was the quick version. Don't have time to write more, have to prepare for our huge New Year event. Gosh, its an other year next week.
 Mine and John´s homemade duet at the Three Self Church.
We even got our own improvisation dancer to our song who danced while we performed.

 Our Class- choir singing at the Three Self Church.
The huge screen in the background is not the only one... there were at least four more of them. 
We were everywhere!

On stage at Christmas Eve
Grandma Johanna, Big sister Linnea and Baby brother Ellen just got their Christmas gifts.

On stage at Christmas Eve.
 I just arrived wishing my mother Johanna, brother Filip and my biggest fan Louise a "Merry Little Christmas" with a song.

I made a short choreography to Mariah Caries; "Santa Clause is coming to town". 
This part of our performance was definitely my favourite.

I finaly got my Christmas Buffet at last.

. . .

I will remember this Christmas for the rest of my life.